Trinity Church has been in partnership with many (mainly Baptist) churches in the Central Philippines since 1991.

Pastors’ conferences are held annually for about 300, at Talibon Baptist Church (Bohol) and Surigao City Southern Baptist Church (Mindanao).  Youth Leaders Training Days are held in conjunction.  A second team each year offers intensive modular units for smaller groups of pastors and seminary students in both centres.  Medical clinics and other ministries are provided on each occasion, and team members take the opportunity also to minister in many local churches.

Members of other Australian churches (particularly of Dubbo Presbyterian Church) have shared in the cost of these conferences, allowing those who attend to do so freely.  Leaders from Dubbo, and from Northern Beaches Church in Sydney have been long-term partners on the ministering teams.

The Light Bringers Ministers College at the Talibon Church is sponsored from Trinity.  Though small, the College has trained many men and women for pastoral and other ministries.

Each year or two, a couple of Philipino pastors (or perhaps a pastor and his wife) are brought to Australia for an “in-service” month in Trinity Church.  This has also enhanced relationships between Trinity members and Philipino brothers and sisters.

Gifts sent through Trinity’s Overseas Relief Fund have helped many set up small cottage-style businesses in order now to have small income.  (These are usually provided as loans, and are administered by Philipinos.)  This Fund has also provided emergency medical help and other assistance.  Gifts were widely used in Bohol after the earthquake in October 2013, and in Leyte after the typhoon there in November 2013. 


In January 2014

  • A team visited Surigao where “Preaching through Mark’s Gospel”, a 3-day modular unit was attended by 45 preachers.  Many were treated at a medical clinic run by a doctor from Newcastle.
  • The team ran a 5-day modular unit “Understanding and Preaching Romans 1-8” for the students at Light Bringers Ministers College.  Again, a clinic operated … it was an outreach to many unbelievers in Talibon, as well as a ministry to the church members.
  • A 1-day conference was held for pastors in Tubigon (also on Bohol) Baptist Church, a clinic conducted together with some Sunday ministries.  Most activities were held under tarpaulins, as the church building had been all but destroyed in October’s earthquake.  (It was in the process of being rebuilt with some financial help from friends in Australia.  It is expected to be half-finished, and usable by April 2014.)


In October 2014

  • Pastors conferences and youth leaders training days are again planned for Surigao and Talibon.  “The Doctrine of revelation and inspiration” is to be taught each morning, with pastoral workshops building on this each afternoon, and expositions from the book of Malachi preached each evening.
  • Medical clinics, small group meetings & preaching in 12-18 local churches are also planned.
  • Eight members (from Dubbo, Northern Beaches and Tamworth) are to be on team.


In January 2015

  • A team is planning to run modular units in both Surigao and Talibon.  “How to Preach through Hebrews” is the requested subject.
  • The team will include students and workers who are 18+, who may benefit from being exposed to a cross-cultural ministry situation.  (Enquiries about joining this team are welcome – please contact John Paterson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


In April 2015

  • Joseph Frondozo and Gabby Guillen, pastors from the Surigao region, are to come to Australia for a month’s in-service at Trinity.  This will be a second visit for Joseph, and a first for Gabby.


The local church leaders who help co-ordinate these ministries, all of whom have in-serviced in Trinity are:

In Surigao … Joseph Frondozo

In Talibon … Joebel Casiple, Conrad Naive and John Baroy

In Tubigon … Lemuel Recente and Boboy Rasonabe